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Aaron Sterling, LMSW

Aaron Sterling, LMSW, is a mental health professional who works with children and adolescents.  He focuses on empathetic care and cognitive learning. Aaron views each client as an individual being with their own drives, while also recognizing they are part of a family and/or community.  Aaron understands that all facets of life impact a child’s emotional and physical wellbeing, including but not limited to: school, social life, societal change, and family change. This understanding informs his interactions in therapy.

Prior to entering private practice, Aaron spent two years working in schools, developing a deeper understanding of his role and abilities in working with children and their unique needs. Aaron’s focus as a social worker involves connections – he works with his clients and their families to understand how the child and the environment interact with each other. He then works therapeutically to find the best fit solution and support for each situation and/or problem that arises. Aaron’s evidence-based approach involves both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma-Informed Theory, which proposes that every coping method and every action have a reason to exist, and that by working in a collaborative setting, the therapist and client can explore these behaviors for optimal well-being.

Aaron understands that therapy takes time, and progress is not always linear.  He is dedicated to support those who seek out help, and is always willing to meet the client where they are. Within WBMA’s SOAR Program, Aaron is available for individual sessions with children ages 12-18. Aaron also leads in-person Therapeutic Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPG) groups for children to help develop team-building, problem solving, and lateral thinking skills. Aaron is a Certified Therapeutic Game Master.   

In his off time, Aaron can be found cooking, reading, enjoying his cat, and playing Dungeons and Dragons (for fun).  

Aaron’s WBMA site supervisor is Dr. Jaclyn Halpern. His primary supervisor is Rene Laje, PhD, LCSW-C, LICSW.

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