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Compassionate, Patient-Centered & Comprehensive Behavioral Medicine


Are you wondering what kind of doctor you need?

Do you worry that you’ve tried “everything” and nothing is working?

Are you feeling your treatment is not addressing all your symptoms?

Do you or your loved-one have a rare condition with unclear psychiatric manifestations?

Are you frustrated that your therapist and your psychiatrist are not communicating with each other?  

We believe in providing an empathic, science-based treatment that integrates accurate diagnoses, medical history, medications, talk-therapy, neuromodulation (TMS, eTNS, tDCS and others), comprehensive testing, psychiatric genetics and pharmacogenetics, personal and family support, diet and supplements, adequate sleep and reasonable exercise. 

What sets our practice apart is the integration of traditional psychiatry and psychology with genetics and neuroscience. 

We help you achieve your treatment goals through our collaborative wellness model through our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and neuroscientists. Our patient population is diverse, and we are inclusive and welcoming to all. We know reaching out is not easy, and we are dedicated to creating the most helpful treatment path for each and every person and family.

We value your time, safety and convenience so we continue to offer telehealth services as we have for over a half a decade.* 

*Some of our services are not available through telehealth.

Our psychiatrists provide highly personalized care for children, teens, young adults, adults, and seniors (medication management). We develop a collaborative model, based on previous experience with medication, medical history, neuromodulation, genetics, habits and lifestyle. Our physician-scientists offer specialized diagnostics and treatment including, but not limited to: mood and anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), alcohol and substance abuse disorders (including suboxone), and psychiatric management of genetic disorders. We offer advanced pharmacological treatments like clozapine and ketamine.

Our psychologists and psychotherapists provide empathic therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, including individual, group, parenting, couples, and family support. Our compassionate providers utilize a variety of evidence-based modalities, individualized for every patient. Supportive, personalized therapy is provided within the context of a carefully matched, strong therapeutic relationship with one of our highly trained clinicians. We welcome those interested in care based in expressive therapies, such as art, drama, and music, as well. Teletherapy services are available, including for parent coaching.

We offer non-invasive brain modulation treatments (rTMS, eTNS, tDCS). These are FDA approved or cleared modalities that offer the possibility of treatment without drugs or supplementing existing medication regimens. These treatment modalities are very well tolerated, with almost no side effects or medication interactions. We determine which brain locations to either stimulate (in depression cases) or inhibit (in cases like anxiety). Some of our treatments are provided in the comfort of your home (eTNS, tDCS, Alpha-Stim), others, like TMS in our relaxed office environment .

Our licensed psychologists also offer comprehensive testing services, including: neuropsychological, psychological (including social-emotional), psychoeducational, developmental, giftedness (including ‘2E’), and admissions testing. Testing is available for individuals of all ages. The psychologist matched to each individual personally provides all testing services, data driven reports, observations, and recommendations. We do not rely on students, techs, or psychology associates for testing, as it is imperative to us that we provide the highest level of care, based in the highest level of training and experience. Our psychologists utilize standardized testing measures and projective tools, and provide diagnoses, interpretations, and recommendations informed by the latest in neuroscience, psychology, and education research. Our testing team offers years of experience in the area.

All of us have approximately 200 mutations or DNA differences that are unique to each individual. We have the expertise necessary to interpret your genetic data. We use Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), where we obtain the complete sequence of your DNA, or Whole Exome Sequencing, where we obtain the known sequences of your DNA that encode proteins (~25,000 genes) and interpret how mutations could impact your wellbeing and your ability to respond to or tolerate medication. Alternatively, we can obtain commercially available pharmacogenetic tests that report approximately 25 mutations. 

Our team meets with some patients for preliminary intake to help guide treatment planning. We offer ‘next steps’ written reports and case management to coordinate care and to help determine a ‘roadmap’ for those who wish for such support. This might include recommendations and referrals for medical consultations, testing, therapy, tutoring, school support (e.g., in school, placement specialists), extracurriculars, legal support, financial planning, home-based strategies, etc. following a detailed clinical interview.

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