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Compassionate, Patient-Centered, Whole-Person Emotional & Behavioral Care


Do you or your loved-one have a rare condition with unclear psychiatric manifestations?

Are you wondering what kind of doctor you need?

Do you worry that you’ve tried “everything” and nothing is working?

Are you feeling your treatment is not addressing all your symptoms?

Are you frustrated that your therapist and your psychiatrist are not communicating with each other?  

We believe in providing empathic, personalized science-based treatments that include and integrate accurate diagnoses, medical history, medications, neuromodulation (TMS, eTNS, tDCS and others), comprehensive psychological testing, a range of supportive psychotherapies, psychiatric genetics and pharmacogenetics, personal and family support, diet and supplements, adequate sleep and reasonable exercise, based on each individual’s needs.

Our practice is unique in its integration of traditional psychiatry and psychology, genetics, neuroscience, and holistic, whole-person approaches to care.

We help you achieve your treatment goals through our collaborative wellness model. Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and neuroscientists communicate regularly to support each patient.

Our patient population is diverse, we are neurodiversity affirmative, and we are inclusive and welcoming to all. We know reaching out is not easy, and we are dedicated to creating the most helpful treatment path for each and every person and family.

We value your time, safety and convenience so we continue to offer telehealth services as we have for over a half a decade.* 

*Some of our services are not available through telehealth.

Who We Serve

Comprehensive, Integrated Care for All Ages




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We integrate family support with early diagnosis and intervention to promote long term success

We discern age appropriate behavior from clinical symptomatology, which is essential to facilitate positive communication

We optimize medical treatment through evidence-based care to improve overall quality of life


Comprehensive, Integrated Care for All Ages








Empathetic Therapy & Comprehensive Testing Services

SOAR Psychotherapy & Testing



Additional Services

The SOAR Program’s neurodiversity affirmative licensed psychologists offer comprehensive testing services. Testing is available for individuals of all ages, and we are inclusive and welcoming to all.

If you find yourself, your child, or your family struggling, the first thing you need is someone to listen and understand. 

Supportive, personalized therapy is provided within the context of a carefully matched, strong therapeutic relationship with one of our highly trained clinicians. 

In addition to SOAR's Testing and Therapy services, we offer the additional services listed below.

Brain Modulation & Training

Effective & Non-invasive Treatment

TMS for Treatment of Depression, OCD, & More


eTNS for Pediatric ADHD Treatment

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