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Introducing our brand new In-Person
Therapeutic Tabletop Roleplaying Game Groups!


Join experienced Game Master and LMSW Aaron Sterling on a wild adventure through a fantastical land in one of our new Therapeutic Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) Groups! You’ll be a member of a guild dedicated to defeating monsters that threaten the safety and security of a peaceful land.  Along the way, you'll meet powerful allies, fight monstrous foes, and learn about yourself, too. You’ll also grow team building skills, learn new problem solving techniques, and improve lateral thinking.



We are currently offering groups for Middle School students (ages 11-14) and High School students (ages 15-18).  All genders, races, and demographics welcome. You can be an experienced gamer or brand new to TTRPG. Each group will cap at 5 clients. Groups will meet for 2 hours per week. Dates and times TBD based on therapist and group member availability. Our groups will be based primarily in a Dungeons and Dragons (DND) Fifth Edition (5E) (TM) approach. 


Therapeutic Goals include:


1. Building self-confidence and advocacy skills in challenging situations.

2. Developing communication abilities with different kinds of people, in different kinds of roles.

3. Using language and cooperative techniques to advocate for and navigate towards a specific goal.

4. Practicing thinking 'outside the box' to logically analyze and solve problems.

If you are interested in joining one of our TTRPG Groups, email:


Aaron Sterling, LMSW

Learn more about Aaron here.

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