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Join Us for In-Person Groups at WBMA


Collaborative Learning, Executive Functioning & Regulating (CLEaR)

For teens ages 13-18 

Now enrolling for Thursday 4-5:30 (beginning early November)

“Collaborative Learning, Executive Functioning, and Regulating”, or CLEaR, is WBMA’s newest group therapy for teens ages 13-18. This program will detail how to incorporate many universal skills into one’s everyday life. From keeping a calendar, to conquering homework, and acquiring solid study skills, these sessions are designed to foster independence, boost confidence, increase work productivity, and improve organization. Through exposure and practice with ongoing feedback, families will learn how to support their teen and work with them collaboratively as they cultivate the independence needed to navigate the perils of high school and beyond. Group members will embark on this journey as a team, encouraging and learning from one another as they form habits that promote success.


As participants begin to learn about their brains and how they interact with school, they will take the initial steps towards embracing their own unique neurotypes. In doing this, self-acceptance and understanding -- key ingredients for a healthy self-esteem -- will be promoted. After establishing this foundation, group members will engage in ongoing exercises and discussions from which self-realization and self-compassion will emerge. A unique component of this group is mindfulness meditation. Teens will be introduced to basic exercises designed to instill a genuine appreciation for the human experience. They’ll learn strategies they can start using right away. Through ongoing practice, they will gradually learn how to exert control over their attention and emotions.

Therapeutic Tabletop
Roleplaying Game Group

Join experienced Game Master and LMSW Aaron Sterling on a wild adventure through a fantastical land in one of our new Therapeutic Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) Groups! You’ll be a member of a guild dedicated to defeating monsters that threaten the safety and security of a peaceful land.  Along the way, you'll meet powerful allies, fight monstrous foes, and learn about yourself, too. You’ll also grow team building skills, learn new problem solving techniques, and improve lateral thinking.

We are currently offering groups for Middle School students (ages 11-14), High School students (ages 15-18) and Young Adults.  All genders, races, and demographics welcome. You can be an experienced gamer or brand new to TTRPG. Each group will cap at 5 clients. Groups will meet for 2 hours per week. Dates and times TBD based on therapist and group member availability. Our groups will be based primarily in a Dungeons and Dragons (DND) Fifth Edition (5E) (TM) approach. 


Therapeutic Goals include:


1. Building self-confidence and advocacy skills in challenging situations.

2. Developing communication abilities with different kinds of people, in different kinds of roles.

3. Using language and cooperative techniques to advocate for and navigate towards a specific goal.

4. Practicing thinking 'outside the box' to logically analyze and solve problems.


Musical Expression Therapeutic Group

High School Aged Individuals (15-18 yo)

Day/Time TBD

Join long-time musician and licensed therapist, Ryan O'Leary, LGPC on a unique path to emotional expression and meaningful connection through our musical expression and songwriting group. This group engages individuals' passion, creativity, and talents to encourage outward expression and vulnerability all within a safe and supportive space. It can be difficult to express our feelings with only words.


With the support of this group of like-minded peers, you or your teen will dive deep into thoughts, emotions, and experiences and channel them into something beautiful. This group is open to high school-aged individuals (15-18) with all or no experience in music and songwriting.  The group will remain open for new members throughout the year.

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