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Walk And Talk Coaching

What Is Walk & Talk Coaching?

Walk and Talk Coaching takes coaching off the couch, beyond the four walls of an office, and literally on to the path to healing. You and your coach walk together during sessions, while the coaching takes place.

A coaching session outdoors is physically active, relaxed, and sensory-based, which promotes creative thought. The 4th-century philosopher St. Augustine wrote, “It is solved by walking.” Walk and Talk Coaching engages the body in physical exercise, leaving your mind free to focus on the here and now. The physical act of walking helps the flow of communication between you and your coach, and moving forward physically inspires action.

Walk and Talk Coaching doesn’t require any special equipment, or a special place to walk. You can engage in coaching conversations while walking with your coach outdoors in an urban area, or in a natural environment. Walking outdoors heightens the awareness of your environment and involves the use of all of your senses. It enables you to slow your pace down and ground yourself, which has a calming effect on your body and mind. This calming effect helps with problem-solving and creative thinking.

Going for a walk is familiar. It is an everyday occurrence for some, and walking coaching could be seen as much less pressured than sitting face to face with a coach. When a coaching conversation is added to a walk outdoors, it becomes an effective, informal, relaxed way to problem solve and move forward.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to being outdoors in nature from increased wellbeing, lowered anxiety, depression, and stress levels, and increased confidence and boosted self-esteem. It has also been shown to be effective when going through crises or transitions.

Walk & Talk Coaching gets clients moving- literally and figuratively.

  • It’s conducted outdoors, which can be very grounding and relaxing.

  • Clients are allowed to set their own place, which can be empowering physically and emotionally.

  • Research studies show that physical activity can improve the mental and physical health of clients.

Step Into Your Coaching Journey...

If you are interested in Walk and Talk Coaching, Washington Behavioral Medicine Associates can help! Dr. Stefanie Bloom is a board-certified health and wellness coach. Dr. Bloom is a firm believer in Walk and Talk Coaching, and its ability to create encounters that foster growth and facilitate the connection between the coach and client.


- Stefanie Bloom, Ed.D., NBC-HWC

Life Coach, SOAR Psychotherapy and Testing


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