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Rebecca Liberty, MA, MBS, MS

Psychology Associate

SOAR Operations Manager



Becca is a registered psychology associate in the state of Maryland. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. Becca holds Masters degrees in Clinical Psychology, Biomedical Science, and Biology, following her passion for understanding the brain, its role in shaping how we experience life, and how life experiences change the brain. Becca primarily works with children, teens, and young adults, providing individual and group therapy, as well as parenting support, under the supervision of Dr. Jaclyn Halpern. Becca began as a doctoral extern within WBMA’s SOAR Program and is excited to continue to work with patients at WBMA providing therapy and testing. 


Becca enjoys working with neurodivergent individuals, and has experience working with Autistic, ADHD, and OCD children and adults, including late-identified and self-identifying neurodivergent individuals. Becca is experienced in working with members of the LGBTQ+ community and gender-nonconforming individuals, bringing an awareness of intersectionality to the provision of supportive and affirming care. Becca also conducts neurodiversity-affirmative, strengths-based neuropsychological assessments with individuals of all ages. 


Becca focuses on building a supportive, empathic, and affirmative therapeutic relationship with every patient. Her aim in therapy is to work with each individual’s strengths, embrace neurodiversity, explore identity and relationships, and cultivate self-awareness to encourage growth and to support patients in reaching their therapeutic goals. Becca’s professional interests include neurodivergence, sleep psychology, and pediatric neuropsychology. 


In her free time, Becca enjoys going out dancing with friends, attending concerts, playing video games, doing weekly bar trivia, and cuddling with her cat, Reuben.

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