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Dr. Rukhsana M. Chaudhry, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist-Practitioner & Consultant

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Dr. Rukhsana M. Chaudhry is a mental health expert, clinical psychologist-practitioner, and consultant. She is a licensed Psychologist in Maryland and the District of Columbia. She earned her doctorate in psychology from the George Washington University, focusing on cross-cultural and ethnic/minority psychology in her clinical training. She has received extensive training in trauma and PTSD and global mental health (Harvard Program in Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery with a concentration on refugee trauma) and long-term and brief psychotherapy (the Washington School of Psychiatry). She has completed advanced training fellowships at the Washington and Baltimore Centers for Psychoanalysis. She has served as a senior psychologist in schools, hospitals, forensic settings, university counseling centers, community mental health clinics, and acute care settings with racial and ethnically diverse populations. Dr. Chaudhry treats a diverse range of patients in her private practice. She is a bilingual Spanish-speaking psychologist and has treated patients in Spanish for 15 years. She maintains an extensive therapy caseload and provides assessments monthly.

In her psychotherapy work, Dr. Chaudhry works to recognize, understand, and guide individuals and families through a process of exploration. Dr. Chaudhry believes that treatment is based on developing a therapeutically positive relationship between the patient and therapist. She assists patients in opening paths for new connections and deepening others. She also has a long history of working in multidisciplinary environments and utilizes a collaborative treatment approach with her clients.

Dr. Chaudhry has 14 years of experience conducting psychological assessments on children and adolescents with learning disabilities, developmental delays, attentional challenges, trauma, and social, emotional difficulties. Within the SOAR Program, Dr. Chaudhry provides comprehensive evaluations utilizing evidenced-based educational, intellectual, cognitive, and social-emotional measures. Dr. Chaudhry also specializes in conducting an extensive trauma assessment. Dr. Chaudhry delivers personalized recommendations to serve the individual and family’s needs. She collaborates extensively with others involved in the client’s treatment, including school and organizational settings.

She has presented numerous panels for the American Psychological Association’s Division 39 on cross-cultural psychology issues and trauma-informed care in the psychoanalytic psychology space.

Dr. Chaudhry enjoys hiking and exploring nature with her two young boys and husband in her spare time. She utilizes yoga as a centering experience in her life. She is an active board member of a public health advocacy organization and works in her spare time to uplift causes related to mental health and social justice.

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