Virtual Team Meeting

Telehealth Groups

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Middle School Support Group

Mondays 4:30pm (Middle School)

with Dr. Jaclyn Halpern

Female identifying participants will explore emotional regulation, stress management, and techniques to manage anxiety, sadness, and anger, improve relationships, and navigate life's pressures.

Parent to Parent: This Isn't What I Expected

Time TBD (A Postpartum Therapeutic Support Group)

with Dr. Kathryn Jankowski, LMSW

A therapeutic support group for new parents experiencing challenges adjusting to parenthood, including postpartum depression and anxiety. This group offers a safe, non-judgmental space to connect with new mothers/gestational parents and talk about shared feelings and experiences. Parents will learn evidence-based clinical strategies for addressing negative thoughts and feelings, in addition to coping skills and self-care strategies. This group will meet
weekly for 1.5 hours over 7 weeks. Babies (and breastfeeding) are welcome!

For more information and cost please email:

Art Therapy Group “Making Connections"

Thursday 6-7:30pm, 6 weeks commitment. (18+)

with Anna L. Mills, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT, LPAT, ATCS 

Virtual sessions. In this small group setting (max. 8 people), patients will use the creative process to ‘make connections’ that support the changes they wish to see in their life! Creative prompts will be used to explore and identify old patterns that may not be serving them currently. The art process and image will be used to open up new understanding in order to improve coping, relationships, decision making, and identifying what patients value, which can increase happiness. This unique group combines art therapy, Mindfulness Practices, and ACT for a comprehensive opportunity for personal growth and development.   

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Date and Time TBD (Adults 18+)

with Anna Mills, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT, LPAT, ATCS

Use guided meditation to calm your busy mind reduce stress, and increase focus. Led by mindfulness practitioner Anna L. Mills.

Open Studio: Altered Art Books

Date and Time TBD (Adults 18+)

with Anna Mills, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT, LPAT, ATCS

Create your own personal visual diary utilizing Art Therapy. Participants will be able to increase their creativity, express feelings safely, explore life issues, and strengthen their sense

of self.

Adult Neurodiversity Affirming Support Groups

Several Dates/Times

with Dr. Jaclyn Halpern and/or Becca Liberty, MS

In our Neurodiversity Affirming Support Groups, neurodivergent adults meet to support each other. Each group is matched based on age, gender identity, and desired support. Each group works together to establish goals and topics of discussion. These might include supporting each other in navigating a predominantly neurotypical world, identifying internalized ableism, learning more about different neurotypes, sharing tips and tricks for managing day to day frustrations, supporting each others' experiences in school and work, and/or navigating relationships. Our therapist facilitators ensure a safe, affirming space where neurodivergent adults can interact and support each other. Therapists will engage more or less, based on the desires of each group. They are available to provide psychoeducation, structure, and guidance based on each group's identified needs and wants.