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Why Is My Child In Charge? A workshop for
parents and professionals

Through collaboration with thousands of parents for 30-plus years, Claire Lerner has identified eight mindsets that present obstacles to parents responding to their children in the most loving and effective way during difficult moments, including: tantrums, power struggles, defiance, mealtime and bedtime battles. Common faulty mindsets include trying to control children, to make them behave (which is not possible); and, fearing that the distress children experience when they can’t have something they want (but don’t necessarily need) is harmful to them, which makes setting and sticking to important limits and boundaries very challenging.


In this workshop, based on Claire’s 2021 book, Why Is My Child In Charge?, Claire will be joined by Dr. Jaclyn Halpern to bring to life how becoming aware of these mindsets helps parents better understand the meaning of their child’s behavior and empowers them with the tools they need to be in charge by setting important limits with love. Together, Claire and Jaclyn will be addressing the full range of children, from toddlerhood through adolescence.

Date: Wednesday, November 10
Time: 1 to 2:15 pm OR 7:30-8:45 (We are running this session two times on the same day

to accommodate a range of schedules.)
Cost: $30/individual/family
Registration: RSVP to Please put “registration for workshop” in the subject line. Be sure to indicate whether you will be attending the 1 pm or 7:30 pm event so you receive the correct zoom link.

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