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Daliah Altal

Daliah Altal is a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She has trained at the UMBC Psychology Training Clinic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Maryland, and at the Palestinian Counseling Center in Palestine. Passionate about collaborative healing, particularly with historically underserved communities, Daliah seeks out equitable and decolonial practices in her practice, training, and education. She eclectically uses evidence-based practices and practice-based evidence, and she works to incorporate culturally relevant concepts and practices as necessary. 


Daliah finds that each client's unique circumstances, context, and worldview are important to understand and take into account during the therapeutic process. She believes that therapy must be a collaborative and non-judgmental experience that emphasizes clients' strengths to increase their trust in themselves and to help them to increase coping skills. Daliah is passionate about healing both personally and professionally. She rejuvenates herself in nature, with animals, and in building and nurturing community.


At WBMA, Dahlia is supervised by Dr. Jaclyn Halpern.

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