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pediatric adhd treatment for children maryland

Monarch eTNS for Pediatric ADHD Treatment

The Monarch eTNS (external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation) device is indicated as a standalone therapy (monotherapy) for the reduction of pediatric ADHD's unwanted concerns. It is approved for patients ages 7 through 12 years old. The device is used at home under the supervision of a caregiver during periods of sleep.

Ideal patients for this ADHD treatment are children who:

  • Cannot tolerate/use stimulants due to side effects or medical contraindications

  • Parents/caregivers who do not want to use medication

  • Patients who, despite being on stimulants, have only a partial response or side effects that prevent dose increases

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Additional indications and age groups are being studied, including ADHD teens and adults. Preliminary data suggests eTNS may be helpful for Autistic children who experience uncomfortable distractibility, impulsivity, inattention, and/or anxiety.


The device is FDA approved so it should be covered at least partially by insurance (we will help with this).


The most common side effects observed with eTNS use are: drowsiness, an increase in appetite, trouble sleeping, teeth clenching, headache and fatigue. No serious adverse events have been associated with use of the device.

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