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Rebecca Nguyen

Rebecca Nguyen is a doctoral student studying Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). In therapy, she seeks to create a warm and relaxed environment so clients can feel comfortable sharing their joys, struggles, questions, and dreams for the future. 


Emphasizing a whole-person and strengths-based approach, Rebecca utilizes evidence-based techniques to collaboratively foster an individualized client experience. She highly values client feedback and integrates client preferences into every step of the therapeutic process. Rebecca understands the importance of meeting clients where they are and also considers how peoples' cultural, historical, and social context impact their mental health. She strives to create a respectful, non-judgemental experience to foster clients' self-acceptance and self-confidence. Her style in session is engaging, interactive, and  humorous. She is passionate about integrative healthcare and seeks to connect clients with resources and tools to help them better understand themselves and their health. She works with children, adolescents, and adults and is under the supervision of Dr. Jaclyn Halpern.


In her free time, Rebecca rejuvenates through trying out asian-fusion recipes, strength training, and playing with her niece and nephew. 

Rebecca Nguyen
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